To “Papikondalu” via on the way “Maredumilli Forest”, India, Telangana.

Place: Maredumilli forest, Andhra Pradesh, India

Path: Bhadrachalam road -> Bhadrachalam -> Maredumilli forest -> Kondepudi -> Kolluru -> Papikondalu -> Devipatnam -> Pollavaram -> Rajahmundry

It’s Me

It started with catching a running train 🚋  “You might have seen many train incidents in movies 🎥  ‘Hero 👦🏻 in the train and heroine 👧🏻 comes running 💃🏻 as if she is going to miss the train’ and finally he holds her hand and pulls her in”. Don’t expect more aaaa for me it was different.  Due to traffic 🚦 I thought I missed the train, the movement I reached the station gate, I can see the train is moving at platform 3, tried my best to reach it by crossing the 1 & 2 platform thank god 👏🏽 I finally stepped into the last bogie with the help of ……👨🏻..…. haha (it’s not a girl).

My leg was paining it was swelling, while crossing 1 & 2 I was hit with rod➖, Carrying backpack🛄 , shoe in one hand 👞 and a water bottle  🍶 in the other hand, I hold my breath and with curious, I asked him (one who held my hand and pulled me into) is this the ‘Nagavali Express’ “mini-me, started tickling ❤ plz plz say this is the wright one I got into”, then he said ‘Yes’, Thank god I got into the wright train.

On Ist day:

 By the time we 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 (all the trekkers) got down at ‘Bhadrachalam Road’ station, it was 4AM, took a bus to Bhadrachalam where we got fresh-up and had our tiffin 🍞 and then started to Maredumilli village 🏡 where the village was named after Maredumilli forest. Started our trek into the forest from the base point. We met our tribal guide guys👵🏽👳🏾  ..…… stop, stop ……… {“I am saying to the reader, Haven’t you got a doubt why do trekkers need guide, They (public) say it was tiger reserve forest and there are few wild animals too Tiger🐅 , Bison🐂 , Boar rubbing🐗 .. etc”, to get help from these and for our food we took tribal people with us}.

On the way we had our lunch point and small nap, be careful while sitting have a look around and sit there are different type of insects 🐜🕷🐞🐛🐝 and especially red ants🐜. After walking for half of the day we stopped our trekking around 6.30PM and had a bath 🛀🏻 🏊🏻 (neither shower bath or luxurious bath) it’s just immersing into small canal and dinner with yummy sambar, by the time we slept it is 11PM.

When I am alone in night at home🏚, I used to play the sleep music 🎶 on YouTube channel and sleep, that music sound is nothing but a water sound/music. But, when I really slept beside a stream felt listening to that same youtube music.

On IInd day: 

Next day we woke-up around 6AM and started, this time forest 🌱 was less denser than previous day that means we are mid of summer season🌞, we are trekking in mid of summer season where temperature is 44 degrees ++, even then the forest was a little scary. Just imagine how it will be in Monsoon 🌧 and Winter☃.

By the time we reached to our lunch point there is no single leaf on the trees we don’t have shade either to cook or to eat, thanks to tribal people they cooked under the sun. It’s our fate we had one tree left with leaves, all 30 trekkers took a nap 🚼 under it. And thanks to organizer Srikanth for taking in water, which is depth of 2ft ..…😆…. Instead of burning under the sun better to sit in water, that’s what trekkers do.

Reached to Kondepudi tribal place where we had bathed 🛀🏻 🏊🏻 and yummy brunch and dinner with rasam. Around our rest place there are plenty of Cashew and Mango trees where you can just pick and eat.

On IIIrd day:

Third day started with bath for almost 2hrs and with spicy bamboo chicken. 2km walk to Kolluru village and then took a boat to 🚣🏻 🛥 pollavaram mandal, On the way view of Papikondalu mountains⛰⛰ , the downstream of river Godavari the construction view of Pollavaram project it’s really spectacular. Flora 🌹🌷🌲🌿 and fauna 🐗🐂🐅 are all got dried up, but still the view was great. To have a nice scenic view go on post monsoon or in winter.


@ Along the way we have seen really organic fruits like Jackfruit (really huge), Mango, Pineapple, Kaju and at some points Banana trees too and there are Red Rose wood, Baboo trees… etc few of them, I do know the names🙄…… After seeing all these now I got it, why it is calledGods own Creation

@ Thanks to HTC. Whenever I go for trekking I do meet new people with different behavior and different opinions Elders, youngsters, friends and sometimes professors too But, trekkers don’t have age, sex and position barriers.

@ All trekking’s doesn’t happen as we think, be prepared for any consequences.


  • Never ever leave the group, if you miss the group chances of missing is high and difficult for others to track.
  • As you can find water canal now and then don’t jump have a look.
  • While crossing canals be careful rocks are too slippery.
  • Along the trek path plz don’t pluck the Jack fruit or Cash fruit.

To carry:

  • Please carry paper plates / any fibre plate. For less weight carry small aluminium paper plates – preferred.
  • Chlorine tablets need not necessary if you are willing to.
  • Any insects and mosquito repellents.


  • Drink water where there is water flow.
  • Bamboo chicken is famous here, if you want to eat mention with less spicy by default they make it with too spicy.

Nice to meet you all, professor Subha never felt like talking to professor so friendly, jogi brothers Arun & Pawan, chikki Sayak, lady boy Sonam, investor Mohan, murmuring sisters Srilatha & Supraja, like-dislike Hiteesh, friendly Anurag, smart boy Vivek, group of boosters Vamshi Sanju Pramod, Saint Ravi, and finally big talkative sister Usha and last but not least trekkers to trekker Srikanth. Apologies if I miss someone couldn’t get all names.


Nice to meet you all, Sry I do remember only few names Srilakshmi, Madhusudan… etc

Please don’t ask why it is called Papikondalu? Do no.

2 thoughts on “To “Papikondalu” via on the way “Maredumilli Forest”, India, Telangana.

  1. Hi, Shraddha,

    Thanks for knowing me the definition of traveler “Travelling is defined as, sufficiently compact for use on a journey.”
    Thanks for calling me Reysers….🤔 … by the what’s the meaning of reysers ?


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