Solo 👦🏻 trip on 🛵

Exactly 365 days back on this day. I attended my school friend’s 👦🏻 marriage, which is 230km away from my location. As my other mates are not around me. I decided to go alone.

I googled 👓 for the location 🔘 and transport🚌 , after analyzing I thought to cover the places around the destination I reach, decided to go one-day before, so that I can cover the places I thought, I browsed 👓 for some more  time on web 🕸️ for transport as I couldn’t get transport now-and-then decide to go on mine🛵 . {even though the place was within my own state I have never been here}

As it is my first long journey on 🛵 I felt excited, litter fear. Somehow I decided and dared to go.

On the day before I started, packed my things for 2 days, with I’d proofs and bike papers. Loaded songs 🎶 on my device 📱 and other… stuff…

Day before Marriage:

With so much of laziness😴 , woken up round 6am and do know the reason “my mind started switching saying that is it necessary to go such a long on 🛵 as solo,” after so much of dilemma around 9am 🕘 started.

Generally it takes 4hrs to reach the destination from Hyd. Took almost 6 hours to reach, “Hah! Hectic in your metropolitan cities is traffic, the extra 2hrs was to cross the city”.

The moment I crossed the city felt very happy as if I was out of junk, along the way I really enjoyed the drive, listening to songs.

From browsing info I got one pilgrimage, one fort, one UNESCCO place, one site seeing places to cover.

I reached around 2.30pm🕝  , went to temple🕉️ , from there to UNESCCO 🗿 site place, as light getting dim, decided to go to fort, never I have seen fort apart from GOLCONDA fort (Hyderabad), whenever I heard of the fort I do imagine like Golconda and expect to be like it for other forts.

I reached, I couldn’t find any fort, but my GPS navigation shows you reached your destination. I barely could see here and there big big stones with well crafted 🗿 and a small park and big arch of KAKATHIYA’s DYANASTY.

I heard a lot about kakathiay’s during my schooling curriculum and about Rani Laxmi Bai.

As day dawned 🌇 it’s almost 5.40pm I headed back to town, my feet (my foot) actual day started here ….

I was stopped by cops, I thought it was general checking, “I now I was going to different places and that too first time, I prepared for this – I carried with all my I’d proofs, bike documents with helmet too

👨🏻‍✈️cop (constable): They pulled me aside asking for I’d proof and all bike related documents📄 .

👦🏻me : I showed everything of what I had. 

We all were taken to the station (around 30 people).

👨🏻‍✈️cop (constable): he rotated all my documents 📄 3-4 times and started murmuring. 

👦🏻me : I can understand that why he was murmuring for. I know that all my documents were there and rejected his murmuring as if I haven’t heard.

Sometimes we must not be too good and arrogant.

👨🏻‍✈️cop (constable): he started raising his voice 😦 at me.

👦🏻me: with so coolness, I told everything is in the document📄 .

👨🏻‍✈️cop (constable): he got angry 😤 and took me to S.I👮🏻 , and said something.

👦🏻me : I couldn’t hear what he said and I was fearless – because I haven’t done anything wrong.

👮🏻cop (S.I): he is not convinced of my documents, trying to get all my personal details, from where I am?, what I do?, Why I am here?

👦🏻me: All my answers were clear with proof – with god’s grace I had a marriage invitation card with me.

👮🏻cop (S.I): still he is not convinced and said all these were not original

👦🏻me: Yes, the documents I showed were Xerox copies, mini-me said “who will carry originals on journey men”, I tried to convenience him saying that I might lose the originals if I brought them. Even then I showed apps (Govt authorized, where you can get the documents) – still he doesn’t agree.

👮🏻 cop(S.I): are these your proof’s, what’s the proof that these are your’s, you might have morphed these.

👦🏻me: mini-me “Bull sh*t, what?, documents itself are proof, for that again proof, who will bring proof to a proof”, “it’s like who’s is first EGG or CHICKEN”. But, what he said is true xerox copies need not be same like originals, can be morphed.

The Conversation went for a few minutes, meanwhile other cops were checking and pulling aside (whoever is on two wheeler).

During our conversation, I thought I was only pulled aside, there were many – almost 30 people.

One couple just married, they came for a photo-shoot, cameraman 🎦 and his assistant.

Four, final year graduates on two bikes.

One on Yamaha Rx (my favorite bike) which is a two stroke engine (banned by Govt). And many more …..

👮🏻cop (S.I):  he started commanding over me.

👦🏻me: “WTF!, I thought”. I simply kept quiet

They kept me aside. 

Now-and-then for every few minutes I went to him and tried to convenience – I came for marriage 👫 and I need to go, “he simply rejected”, saying “stand at side”.

It’s almost 8pm🕗 , at one point I raised my voice saying- “everything was clear, why you guys were stopping me”, this time S.I looked at me very seriously.

I thought I messed up, he approached me very seriously. Immediately man beside him (gun man) 👮🏾🔫  understood the situation and said – “Sir, I will take care of him”.

👮🏾🔫 He(gun man): Hey! You, better keep quiet for some time.

👦🏻me : I told him everything, what happened from starting.

👮🏾🔫 He (gun man): Ya, I know this is formality check-up, they won’t do anything if yours proofs are correct, you just need to be calm.

👦🏻me : I kept quiet

👮🏾🔫 He (gun man): it happens once in a month, it is one of their curriculum activities of higher authorities

👦🏻me : I couldn’t get, what he was trying to say, I kept my face question mark?

👮🏾🔫 He (gun man): every once in a month, it’s the responsibility of higher authorities to check everything was good in condition –  in the sense accidents at crucial points, crimes in odd places, thefts…. Etc.

👦🏻 me: I nodded my head – thinking myself – “it’s their duty to do that But, what’s this”

Meanwhile – one graduate guy was stopped, he doesn’t  have anything (license, helmet) but, his father was cop in some other area, by making a call to his dad, he went away. By seeing this a elder man (aged 40+) shouted at S.I. This made me stop going near to S.I.

👮🏾🔫 He(gun man): these guys (S.I, A.S.I) to show the proof to higher authorities that they were doing everything to keep in control, they will gather you for lecturing traffic rules will take a snap and will send away.

👦🏻me: What? “WTF!”- this time my face was exclamatory!!! Is this the way they do, leaving the actual guys and holding us.

👮🏾🔫 He(gun man): it’s better you keep quiet🤫 .

👦🏻me: I nodded my head.

Now, time was almost 11.30pm.

Finally, one guy came took 500 bucks 💰 and gave my bike key – mini-me said “I might have given him what he wanted, when constable has stopped me”

I came out from station around 12pm I searched for room, thanks to OYO, I realized the importance of OYO rooms, freshen up, had dinner and slept.

On Marriage Day:

The next day I woke up early and attended marriage and headed back to Hyd. Thought to tell him what happed yesterday night, I don’t want to hitch him, with my things. Anyway, he is tying the knot to hitch himself…😀😀😀

I couldn’t say it was an experience, I say be careful with arrogance.

Sometime our arrogant tests on us.

2 thoughts on “Solo 👦🏻 trip on 🛵

  1. I don’t even know if I should have liked this post or not. Ofcourse the narration and the style is all praiseworthy but the incident itself is saddening. It is unfortunate that a law abiding citizen has to suffer like this for no fault of his but I hope this experience hasn’t dampened your spirit or plans of undertaking more solo trips!
    Stay safe and keep exploring 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hai, thank you.
    On that day, I was serious and upset about what had happened, I have immense respect towards them. When these things happened, we contempt them but, we mustn’t lose our spirit, instead has to learn how to tackle the situations.

    Liked by 1 person

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