Myself β€˜Siva Bandaru’, born on month ‘Vaisakha’ in the year ‘Sukla’. My entireΒ childhood was spent in the school πŸŽ’Β ‘RCC’, which is 2hr from my home town ‘lingapuram, cherla’,Β graduatedΒ πŸŽ“Β from ‘CVR college of Engg’ and working as a ‘Wireless Communication Engineer’.

Cool 😎 and calm πŸ™‚ guy, sometimes mini-me comes out with too hard😠, but calms down within fraction of seconds ⏰ thinking that nothing fetches. Some say I am introvert and some say extrovert, I feel I am ambivert,Β I like locomote and exploring new places.

I am more enthusiastic about the outdoor activity than indoor, during my short-recreation I do watch movies πŸŽ₯ or play badminton 🏸 / football ⚽ / cricket 🏏 / cycling 🚲 or go for the airforce (not the pilot one, the one who roams), for long-recreation trekking/hiking, travelling🏍  .

In odd-times chit-chat / spending time with my mom.

This is for travelers and trekkers who are interested in new places. By the way, I am neither writerΒ πŸ–ŠΒ / readerΒ πŸ“– nor poetryπŸ“°. But, I intend and likes to writeπŸ“.

Try, Try Until you Succeed.

“You Definitely Succeed in Your Life. If You Follow All The advises That You Give to Others

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